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Our field of expertise

If you do business in the Netherlands, you will have to operate within the rules of Netherlands corporate laws. As from the beginning, we at KILO advise which corporate structure is most suitable for your business. Continue reading

If the financial situation of the company is getting worse  rapidly, the company can be saved with a swift intervention within the rules of Netherlands Bankruptcy laws.Continu reading

If a company is sold, this is a major event both from a financial point of view as well as from an emotional point of view for the owners and/or the employees. Continue reading

If companies sign contracts with other companies, it is essential that their interests are well protected and the arrangements are clearly documented. Continue reading

Sometimes it is necessary to litigate to solve a dispute. In that case you need a bar registered lawyer who  can represent you in court, in case you are summoned as a defendant, or in case you are the plaintiff. Continue reading

Do you own a copyright, a trademark, a model, a patent or a company name? We at KILO  can advise you on the protection of such rights. Continue reading

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